I am currently an engineer in Core Technology at Citadel. Previously, I was working on the Web Platform via #webperf with Akamai and was a cofounder of SOASTA.

I’ve been around the block - and back. I’ve seen some things, some things that can’t be unseen. Some of those things I’ve written:

  • a charting library in VML (back when webapps could afford to be IE only)
  • long-running applications built without hard navigations before they were called “SPAs” or we said “AJAX” or “Comet”
  • browser analytics code in OG vanilla JavaScript with support for anything as modern as IE5.5
  • Multipart networking requests in pure Node.js (AMA!)
  • and C++ for popular web browsers

After all of that, writing SPAs transpiled from ESNext and shipping them to bleeding edge browsers with the benefit of Developer Tools feels like a breeze. 😉

I love figuring out how things work, why they sometimes don’t, and how to make them better and faster. 🚀

Thanks for checking out my blog. Be nice. ❤️